Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1990 (Revised April 1995)

Karen Green, Teaching Note

by Linda A. Hill


The video depicts Karen Green, a manager in her early thirties, on a company retreat. She is being considered for a project manager position, a promotion she does not receive. During the retreat, the circumstances that influenced the decision become evident. The material is very rich and raises a number of timely and controversial issues including: gender differences in management styles, the impact of gender on mentor-protege relationships, tokenism, and work/family balance. Designed for use with Sex Bias in the Workplace: May the Best Man Win (order No. 6191M), a video vignette available from Coronet M.T.I., the video division of Simon and Schuster (tel. 1-800-621-2131). A one-page Orientation to Viewing Karen Green (9-494-068) is also available.

Keywords: Work-Life Balance; Personal Development and Career; Gender; Power and Influence;


Hill, Linda A. "Karen Green, Teaching Note." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 490-095, May 1990. (Revised April 1995.)