Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1988 (Revised July 1997)

Technology Transfer at a Defense Contractor

by Linda A. Hill


At a time of great changes in the corporate environment, Larry Yoshino, a design lab manager at Parsons Controls Corp., faces a delay in a costly defense project due to the inability of one of his subordinates to gain the cooperation of engineers at Parsons' manufacturing plant. The physical distance between the plants, different functions, and unequal power relations feed the conflict, forcing Yoshino to reexamine his role. The case promotes discussion of 1) friction between design and manufacturing, 2) managing self-managing professionals, and 3) changing behaviors to reflect new competitive situations.

Keywords: Organizational Change and Adaptation; Change Management; Conflict Management; Managerial Roles; Management Teams; Employees; Competitive Strategy; Projects;


Hill, Linda A. "Technology Transfer at a Defense Contractor." Harvard Business School Case 489-084, November 1988. (Revised July 1997.)