Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1986 (Revised October 1995)

Suzanne de Passe at Motown Productions (A)

by Linda A. Hill


Illustrates: 1) the impact of a manager's leadership style on corporate culture, direction, and performance; 2) the concept of fit between leadership style and the requirements of situations in which managers find themselves; and 3) the need for managers to adapt their styles as situational requirements change. More specifically, it provides an opportunity to look at some of the special issues of: 1) being a black woman manager, 2) the advantages and disadvantages associated with a "family corporate culture," and 3) managing in a creative business.

Keywords: Management Style; Race; Organizational Culture; Leadership Style; Gender; Management Teams; Change Management; Situation or Environment; Creativity; Relationships; Music Industry; Entertainment and Recreation Industry;


Hill, Linda A. "Suzanne de Passe at Motown Productions (A)." Harvard Business School Case 487-042, November 1986. (Revised October 1995.)