Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1986 (Revised July 2010)

Karen Leary (A)

by Linda A. Hill


Describes the evolution of the working relationship of Karen Leary, a new manager of a Merrill Lynch retail branch, and Ted Chung, a new financial consultant in the branch. Leary has some concerns about her working relationship with Chung and with his performance. Chung makes what Leary perceives to be an unreasonable request for a private office. Leary must respond to this request, taking into account the implications of her decision for her ambitions for the branch office and her career.

Keywords: Management Style; Employee Relationship Management; Decision Choices and Conditions; Personal Development and Career; Performance Evaluation; Diversity; Financial Services Industry;


Hill, Linda A. "Karen Leary (A)." Harvard Business School Case 487-020, October 1986. (Revised July 2010.)