Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1975 (Revised July 1993)

Acton-Burnett, Inc.

by John J. Gabarro


Describes the formation, selection, and experience of a task force with multidepartmental membership. The problems faced by the task force leader at the end of the case raise issues of who does the selection; the establishment of group norms, values, and goals; the leadership of a task force; confidentiality and responsibility; individual rivalry; and intergroup conflict and politics. Based on Belmont-White Co. and Vandercook Chain Stores, Inc. by E.P. Learned.

Keywords: Employees; Leadership; Problems and Challenges; Groups and Teams; Conflict Management;


Gabarro, John J. "Acton-Burnett, Inc." Harvard Business School Case 476-018, August 1975. (Revised July 1993.)