Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1998 (Revised July 2012)

Explo Leisure Products

by Richard G. Hamermesh


Tim Trowac and Dave Rahall, two former investment bankers, skillfully execute the leveraged buyout of a golf ball recycling company after working intensely on their due diligence, writing a business and financial plan, and developing the investment memorandum. Six months later, they question the competency of their management team, which they had assembled from former Explo employees rather than conduct extensive searches. Now financial results are poor. Trowac and Rahall need to explain the poor performance and come up with an action plan for their investors.

Keywords: Selection and Staffing; Leveraged Buyouts; Business Plan; Performance; Management Teams; Business Strategy; Financial Strategy; Business and Shareholder Relations; Green Technology Industry; Sports Industry;


Hamermesh, Richard G. "Explo Leisure Products." Harvard Business School Case 399-053, November 1998. (Revised July 2012.)