Case | HBS Case Collection | May 1998 (Revised October 2001)

Taco Bell Inc. (1983-1994)

by Lynda M. Applegate, Leonard A. Schlesinger and Dave DeLong


Details the actions of John Martin, newly named CEO, as he leads Taco Bell through a decade of incremental and radical changes. By the end of the case, total system sales within Taco Bell, a Mexican style fast-food restaurant chain and a division of PepsiCo, have grown from $700 million in 1983 to $3.9 billion in 1994, and the company is managing over 10,000 eat-in restaurants and a wide variety of other retail sites around the world.

Keywords: Business Subsidiaries; Transformation; Economic Growth; Food; Leadership Style; Growth and Development Strategy; Organizational Design; Performance Effectiveness; Food and Beverage Industry; Service Industry; Mexico;


Applegate, Lynda M., Leonard A. Schlesinger, and Dave DeLong. "Taco Bell Inc. (1983-1994)." Harvard Business School Case 398-129, May 1998. (Revised October 2001.)