Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1997 (Revised July 2003)

Viacom, Inc.: Video Supplement

by Joseph L. Bower, Thomas R. Eisenmann and Sonja Ellingson Hout


Viacom reached a powerful position in the global entertainment industry through skillful and very bold acquisitions. Now its further expansion is challenged by the moves of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Different businesses within Viacom have contradictory positions on how to deal with major opportunities and how Viacom top management should manage the decision-making process.

Keywords: Acquisition; Cost vs Benefits; Decisions; Entertainment; Competition; Corporate Strategy; Expansion; Entertainment and Recreation Industry;


Bower, Joseph L., Thomas R. Eisenmann, and Sonja Ellingson Hout. "Viacom, Inc.: Video Supplement." Harvard Business School Case 397-066, April 1997. (Revised July 2003.)