Case | HBS Case Collection | June 1996 (Revised January 2000)

McKinsey & Co.: Managing Knowledge and Learning

by Christopher A. Bartlett


Describes the development of McKinsey & Co. as a worldwide management consulting firm from 1926 to 1996. In particular, it focuses on the way in which McKinsey has developed structures, systems, processes, and practices to help it develop, transfer, and disseminate knowledge among its 3,800 consultants in 69 offices worldwide. Concludes by focusing on three young consultants operating in each dimension of the firm's organization--the local office, the industry practice, and the firm's competence center. Managing director, Rajat Gupta, wonders if the changes he has made are sufficient to maintain the firm's vital knowledge development process.

Keywords: Management; Managerial Roles; Management Practices and Processes; Competitive Advantage; Global Range; Knowledge Dissemination; Business Processes; Consulting Industry;


Bartlett, Christopher A. "McKinsey & Co.: Managing Knowledge and Learning." Harvard Business School Case 396-357, June 1996. (Revised January 2000.)