Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1996

Silver Lane Apartments

by William J. Poorvu and John H. Vogel Jr.


Scott Johnson is a successful developer of single-family and multi-family housing who specializes in renovating and turning around poorly performing apartments in good locations. He plans to sell a 506-unit property for portfolio and estate planning purposes. This case is part of a negotiation game simulation that includes Jason Bosworth, Sunshine Villas, and Major Insurance Co. Teaching Purpose: This simulation enables students to analyze a couple of real estate properties in depth and participate in a large-scale real estate transaction. They learn first hand about the process of buying, selling, and financing real estate and about negotiation.

Keywords: Housing; Mortgages; Property; Negotiation Tactics; Real Estate Industry;


Poorvu, William J., and John H. Vogel Jr. "Silver Lane Apartments." Harvard Business School Case 396-330, April 1996.