Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1995 (Revised June 1997)

Walt Disney Company, 1994: A Tumultuous Year

by David J. Collis and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson


Focuses on a six-month period in 1994, during which the company experienced a series of dramatic upheavals. The events described include: 1) the sudden death of company president Frank Wells; 2) a health crisis facing Chairman Michael Eisner; 3) the "departure" of filmed entertainment division chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg; 4) the creation of a new corporate unit; 5) network acquisition rumors; and 6) the cancellation of plans for "Disney America."

Keywords: Business Divisions; Business Exit or Shutdown; Business Startups; Resignation and Termination; Crisis Management; United States;


Collis, David J., and Elizabeth Wynne Johnson. "Walt Disney Company, 1994: A Tumultuous Year." Harvard Business School Case 395-109, January 1995. (Revised June 1997.)