Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1994 (Revised December 1995)

McArthur/Glen Realty Corp.

by William J. Poorvu and John H. Vogel Jr.


Jonathan Potter is considering an investment in the newly formed McArthur/Glen Real Estate Investment Trust. The case gives some background on real estate investment trusts and their history. Also discusses manufacturers' outlet shopping centers, the type of real estate that McArthur/Glen Realty owns and develops. The REIT industry is experiencing explosive growth, and it is important to assess its role and viability both as part of the real estate industry and as part of the overall market for public securities.

Keywords: Investment; Real Estate Industry;


Poorvu, William J., and John H. Vogel Jr. "McArthur/Glen Realty Corp." Harvard Business School Case 394-166, March 1994. (Revised December 1995.)