Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1993 (Revised April 2006)

Marriott Corporation (A)

by Lynn S. Paine and Charles A. Nichols


Marriott Corp.'s chairman and CEO must decide whether to recommend a restructuring of the company to the board of directors. The proposal he is considering would split the Marriott Corp., a premier hotel developer, owner, and manager, into two separate companies by a stock dividend to shareholders. One of the new companies would contain most of Marriott Corp.'s profitable management operations, while the other would retain ownership of its hotel properties as well as most of its long-term debt.

Keywords: Business or Company Management; Restructuring; Governing and Advisory Boards; Decision Making; Ethics; Management Teams; Business and Shareholder Relations; Accommodations Industry;


Paine, Lynn S., and Charles A. Nichols. "Marriott Corporation (A)." Harvard Business School Case 394-085, December 1993. (Revised April 2006.)