Supplement | HBS Case Collection | October 1993 (Revised January 1994)

Japan (A), Supplement

by Bruce R. Scott


In an economy marked by severe inflation, a balance of payments problem, and large investment needs for modernization, the Minister of Finance has been asked to design a remedial program that cannot include borrowing abroad. He does so, and the case describes the outcome of the policies in the early 1880's. Discussion is expected to focus mainly on the long-term institutional spin-offs from these policies, and on the appropriateness of these institutions to the needs of a developing country.

Keywords: Design; Developing Countries and Economies; Inflation and Deflation; Borrowing and Debt; Policy; Outcome or Result; Problems and Challenges; Programs;


Scott, Bruce R. "Japan (A), Supplement." Harvard Business School Supplement 394-066, October 1993. (Revised January 1994.)