Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1993 (Revised September 1996)

BANC ONE - 1993

by Hugo Uyterhoeven and Myra M. Hart


From a small local bank, Banc One has grown to one of the largest and most profitable banks in the United States under the leadership of its CEO, John B. McCoy. It has an impressive track record of improving the performance of its acquisitions while retaining the previous management and transferring its corporate culture. Banc One's uncommon partnership and its "share and compare" practices are viewed as key to its success. How long will it be able to sustain its stellar track record, particularly when confronted with mounting industry pressures? It has broadened its strategy, resulting in a number of organizational challenges. What lessons can be learned, particularly in terms of Banc One's acquisition approach? How is Banc One responding to the changing industry and how does it organizationally manage this change?

Keywords: Leadership; Acquisition; Organizational Culture; Policy; Adaptation; Business Growth and Maturation; Strategy; Performance Improvement; Industry Structures; Banking Industry; United States;


Uyterhoeven, Hugo, and Myra M. Hart. "BANC ONE - 1993." Harvard Business School Case 394-043, October 1993. (Revised September 1996.)