Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1993 (Revised September 1995)

Block 16: Conoco's "Green" Oil Strategy (A)

by Malcolm S. Salter and Susan E.A. Hall


Conoco's attempted to win an oil development contract in Ecuador's tropical rain forest. The case discusses government perspectives, environmental perspectives, and indigenous people's perspectives. Allows role playing in a "negotiating forum" set up by Conoco to get their developing plan in the various interest groups. This oil development contract is key to Conoco's Latin American E&D strategy.

Keywords: Governance; Contracts; Growth and Development Strategy; Negotiation; Practice; Business and Community Relations; Environmental Sustainability; Perspective; Culture; Corporate Strategy; Latin America;


Salter, Malcolm S., and Susan E.A. Hall. Block 16: Conoco's "Green" Oil Strategy (A). Harvard Business School Case 394-001, July 1993. (Revised September 1995.)