Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1990 (Revised January 2008)

Regency Plaza

by William J. Poorvu and Richard E Crum


Designed to examine the process of project management during the development cycle of a luxury condominium building, exploring the issue of how the design, development strategy, project organization, and project personnel are interrelated. More specifically, looks at how these factors shape the day-to-day operations of a development and how they affect the formal and informal mechanisms that a project manager has at his or her disposal. Students are asked to design floor plans for a portion of one floor to point up the importance of the difficulties in creating workable and saleable units.

Keywords: Buildings and Facilities; Design; Construction; Housing; Management Practices and Processes; Projects; Luxury; Real Estate Industry;


Poorvu, William J., and Richard E Crum. "Regency Plaza." Harvard Business School Case 391-021, November 1990. (Revised January 2008.)