Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1991 (Revised April 1995)

IBP and the U.S. Meat Industry

by David J. Collis and Nancy Donohue


IBP, the largest U.S. beef and pork processor, is facing deteriorating earnings and undertakes a fundamental strategic review in 1990. Having grown from its founding in 1961 to its current position as a low cost, innovative producer of boxed beef, and more recently pork, IBP's competitors have pursued very different corporate strategies that appear to be more successful. IBP must reevaluate its own corporate strategy and decide whether its distinctive competence is still relevant, and where it should be active in the three dimensions of product, geography, and vertical integration.

Keywords: Business or Company Management; Product; Competition; Business Earnings; Geography; Vertical Integration; Corporate Strategy; Food and Beverage Industry; United States;


Collis, David J., and Nancy Donohue. "IBP and the U.S. Meat Industry." Harvard Business School Case 391-006, March 1991. (Revised April 1995.)