Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1990 (Revised September 1994)

Cray Research, Inc.: Preparing for the 1990s

by Francis Aguilar


Describes the major changes Cray Research faced from 1985 (the time of the original case) to 1990. The dramatic decision to divide the company into two separate firms sets the stage for an analysis of the major strategic and organizational challenges facing senior management. At issue is how a new chief operating officer experienced with large company operations should proceed to deal with a significant slowdown in growth and with the need to manage a larger organization. Specific growth opportunities with respect to software, new industry applications, a move to lower cost and lower performance computers, and networking are described.

Keywords: Policy; Management Systems; Change Management; Technology Adoption; Business Units; Organizational Structure; Business Strategy; Management Teams; Growth and Development Strategy; Information Technology;


Aguilar, Francis. "Cray Research, Inc.: Preparing for the 1990s." Harvard Business School Case 390-066, January 1990. (Revised September 1994.)