Background Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1988

Roles and Relationships of Business and Government

by George C. Lodge


Synthesizes a wide range of literature and experience concerning comparative government-business relations, focusing especially on Japan, Europe, and the United States with some references to Brazil and Mexico. Designed for discussion in two consecutive class sessions. The first class should address the first 26 pages which relate to the different conceptions of the role, purpose, and structure of governments. The second class should consider pages 26 to 40 which concern the different roles, purposes, and structures of business. At the end are some discussion questions. Makes use of ideology as an analytical concept and as a framework for comparing different national systems.

Keywords: Economic Systems; Framework; Government and Politics; Mission and Purpose; Organizational Structure; Business and Government Relations; Mathematical Methods; System; Japan; Europe; Mexico; United States; Brazil;


Lodge, George C. "Roles and Relationships of Business and Government." Harvard Business School Background Note 388-159, May 1988.