Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1987 (Revised January 1988)

Groen: A Dover Industries Company

by Francis Aguilar


Describes the challenges facing the president of an old-line foodservice and food processing equipment manufacturing company as it attempted to accelerate sales and profit growth through the introduction of innovative products. The introduction of a "revolutionary" combination oven, ongoing labor confrontation at the headquarter's plant, and a series of acquisitions were among the issues occupying Louise O'Sullivan as she prepared to enter her third year as the senior executive of Groen. The policies and practices of Dover Industries, designed to motivate operating company presidents "to think like owners," are also described because of their relevance to her behavior and performance in that job.

Keywords: Business or Company Management; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Labor and Management Relations; Machinery and Machining; Management Style; Management Teams; Performance Efficiency; Technological Innovation; Product Development; Organizational Culture;


Aguilar, Francis. "Groen: A Dover Industries Company." Harvard Business School Case 388-055, November 1987. (Revised January 1988.)