Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1984 (Revised September 1986)

Daewoo Group

by Francis Aguilar


Focuses on the entrepreneurship of Chairman Kim Woo-Choong of Daewoo Group which became one of the 4 major group companies in Korea in just 17 years. The group's overall strategies are explored in conjunction with the evolution of Korea's industrial policies. The case can be used to demonstrate 1) the impact of an individual's values on the performance of a corporation, 2) the business-government relations, and 3) the strategic fit of Korean firms as joint venture partners to U.S. companies.

Keywords: Joint Ventures; Entrepreneurship; Values and Beliefs; Policy; Government and Politics; Business or Company Management; Business and Government Relations; Business Strategy; South Korea; United States;


Aguilar, Francis. "Daewoo Group." Harvard Business School Case 385-014, July 1984. (Revised September 1986.)