Robert Gierkink, Chairman, Datalogix

Linking Online Media Exposure to Offline Sales

May 16, 2013 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm | Cotting Conference Room | Open to public


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Facebook recently announced the ability to advertise to people from among its 1 billion users who fit precise supermarket buying profiles, such as “buyers of children’s cereals.” How does Facebook know what Stop ‘n Shop knows? And how is it that the display ads on online publishing sites can be targeted to recent purchase behavior? The explanation is that Datalogix aggregates the supermarket frequent shopper histories of almost every U.S. household and more than $1 trillion in consumer transactions, and links individual media exposure to these purchase records.

Datalogix engages in building purchase-based digital audiences and predictive consumer data models to drive measurable online and offline sales. The company offers audience segmentation, including syndicated and custom segments, in addition to modeling solutions for customer acquisition and the retention needs of retailers. Datalogix also focuses on providing online segments to the mobile advertising arena and targets through a variety of media sources such as publishers, portals, exchanges, advertising networks, DSPs, DMPs, and agency trading desks.

Robert Gierkink is the founder and Chairman of Datalogix and an Executive-in-Residence of General Catalyst Partners.

Prior to that he co-founded three of the world’s largest cross-merchant loyalty programs, including Loyalty Management Group, a company that operates the UK’s largest loyalty program, Nectar, with over 50% of UK households participating. Under Gierkink’s leadership as CEO, the company grew from a start-up to over $400 million in revenues in under six years. Gierkink also co-founded Loyalty Management Netherlands and The Loyalty Group, which runs the Air Miles Reward Programme for Canada’s largest loyalty program. While at The Loyalty Group, Gierkink focused on account management, new business acquisition, and the development of a business-to-business program. He was also instrumental in personnel recruiting and public relations during the early years of Loyalty Management UK Limited. Gierkink has served as President of Alliance Development Group, the leading developer of co-branded credit card programs with supermarket retailers in the United States.