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Initiatives & Projects

  • Business & Environment

    The Business and Environment Initiative seeks to deepen business leaders' understanding of today’s environmental challenges and to assist them in developing effective solutions.

  • Entrepreneurship

    The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship supports Harvard Business School's mission to "educate leaders who make a difference in the world" by infusing this leadership perspective with an entrepreneurial point of view.

  • Global

    The Global Initiative builds on a legacy of global engagement by supporting the HBS community of faculty, students, and alumni in their work, encouraging a global outlook in research, study, and practice.

  • Forum for Growth and Innovation

    The Forum for Growth and Innovation is designed to discover, develop and disseminate robust, accessible theory in the areas of innovation and general management, in order to create a tighter link between research and practice in general management.

  • Health Care

    The Health Care Initiative serves as a gateway for health care research, educational programs, and collaboration across all sectors of the health care industry.

  • Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness

    The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions and cities; and solutions to social problems.

  • Leadership

    The Leadership Initiative undertakes cutting-edge research and course development projects about leadership and leadership development, both within HBS and through collaborations with other organizations.

  • Public Education Leadership Project (PELP)

    Faculty members from Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education launched the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) to create and disseminate knowledge about how to manage urban school districts.

  • Social Enterprise

    The Social Enterprise Initiative at HBS applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change.

  • U.S. Competitiveness

    The U.S. Competitiveness Project is a research-led effort to understand and improve the competitiveness of the United States. The project is committed to identifying practical steps that business leaders can take to strengthen the U.S. economy.

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Seminars & Conferences



The Case Method

Introduced by HBS faculty to business education in 1925, the case method is a powerful interactive learning process that puts students in the shoes of a leader faced with a real-world management issue and challenges them to propose and justify a resolution.
Today, HBS remains an authority on teaching by the case method. The School is also the world’s leading case-writing institution, with HBS faculty members contributing hundreds of new cases to the management curriculum a year via the School’s unique case development and writing process.  

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