Focused on energy throughout her two years at HBS, Smriti Mishra prepared herself for leadership in an innovative energy firm. Shortly after graduation, she joined EnerNOC, a pioneer in the global demand response space.

“The highlight of my HBS education was the… course with Professor Rebecca Henderson. We explored what sustainable management and values-based leadership mean in the context of large global problems…. I’m convinced that business leaders are in a unique position to solve these problems. That position comes with an important social mandate.”
When the half-semester Reimagining Capitalism course ended, Mishra spearheaded a continuing reading group for the rest of the term. Professor Henderson remained involved by recommending readings and providing the services of a research assistant. Through the readings and discussion, Mishra framed the concept of stakeholder management in reference to the role of groups — such as employees, communities, and future generations — that are often overlooked in corporate decision making.