Natasha Pereira-Kamath was born in India and grew up in the United States.  During her frequent trips to visit family back in India, she experienced the blackouts that are part of daily life in large Indian cities, and how people rely on back-up power generators that run on diesel fuel and emit oily, black smoke.

“Energy has always fascinated me, from the politics of provision to the mechanics of consumption.”
“Energy has always fascinated me, from the politics of provision to the mechanics of consumption,” Pereira-Kamath explains, “and as I learned more about energy, I found myself spending more time thinking about its environmental impact.” 

Her objective is to find energy solutions that have a low environmental impact, with a focus on meeting the growing energy needs of developing countries that have high incidents of asthma and other significant health issues. “Long-term, I would like to work in clean tech with an emphasis on affordable scalable solutions for the developing world,” she says.

“I believe that the BEI provides an invaluable service of introducing students to professors in small group sessions and allowing interest-based connections, as opposed to solely classroom-based connections,” say Pereira-Kamath. For example, at an Executive Education and MBA student mixer, a conversation with an Icelandic energy executive inspired her to organize an Iceland energy trek for the Energy & Environment (E&E) Club.

“The trip [to Iceland] was an amazing success,” she says. “We had one-on-one sessions with executives at public and private energy generators, providers, consumers, and governmental actors in the Iceland energy community.”

Pereira-Kamath will be returning to Bain & Co as a consultant in their San Francisco office, hoping to work with energy and utility clients to better understand the processes of the “big players” in the energy generation and transmission industry.