Lee Hodder was exposed to energy  issues while growing up in the Middle East with family ties to the oil and gas  industry. The first non-Arabic graduate of Qatar University’s College of  Engineering, he spent more than four years at Royal Dutch Shell on large-scale gas-to-liquids  and carbon capture projects before entering HBS. ​

“I want to be an influence for a balanced approach to energy: I see the benefits of oil and gas, together with the need for the industry to do its work responsibly. At HBS, I learned how important it is to engage in difficult conversations around issues, even if you don’t always come to consensus.​”
Hodder says that HBS provided him with the ideal blend of business fundamentals and depth in his areas of special interest. He cites the mentorship of faculty, particularly Professor Rebecca Henderson, for modeling how to blend challenge and pragmatism, and Professor Sandra Sucher, for helping him sharpen his organizational and people skills. A high point was his service on a Harvard-wide student committee on sustainability, with representatives from all of the University’s undergraduate and graduate schools: “It was eye-opening to get outside the bubble of business school” and gain exposure to a wider range of perspectives within the Harvard community.