Nature has always had a powerful, ancient appeal for Charles Baron. While growing up in Northern California, he spent as much time outdoors as possible backpacking, hunting, fishing, and biking.

“Smart businesses can create both wealth and natural abundance.”
Baron looks at the energy industry with that perspective in mind, and believes that  “many major world problems––climate change, national security, habitat and species loss, and our balance of trade––share common roots in our energy choices.” He goes on to explain that transitioning to a more sustainable economic model is one of the most critical challenges and fascinating opportunities of our era. “Smart businesses can create both wealth and natural abundance,” says Baron.

When asked about his experience with the Business and Environment Initiative, Baron describes how the BEI has become a hub for all those in the HBS community interested in energy and environment: faculty, students, clubs, and alumni. “Spending two years at that intersection enriched my time at HBS and built relationships that should endure throughout my career,” he says.

Baron helped organize the 2012 HBS Energy Symposium, which he considers a high-water mark of his time at HBS. In addition, he regularly attended HBS Energy & Environment Club events, which were often large gatherings (with more than four hundred participants from around the world). At these club events, he had the opportunity to hear from an impressive roster of guest speakers––such as senior executives from global oil and gas companies; entrepreneurs from innovative energy start-up companies; and senior energy policymakers from the public sector.