Featured Case


First Solar: CFRA’s Accounting Quality Concerns.

by Suraj Srinivasan and Ian McKown, Cornell

The case relates to accounting quality analysis conducted by the leading research firm Center for Financial Research and Analysis (CFRA) on companies in the solar industry with a focus on First Solar Inc. The case provides students with background information on the solar power industry, First Solar, data from CFRA research, and First Solar’s quarterly reports and the earnings conference call to analyze and draw conclusions about First Solar’s accounting practices and strength as a company. Students have to decide whether CFRA should flag First Solar as a concern and add it to CFRA’s “Biggest Concerns” list.


Featured Publication


Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Insights from Multiple Sectors

Edited by Professor Rebecca M. Henderson and Richard G. Newell

An investigation of innovation and the role of public policy in four sectors of the U.S. economy: agriculture, chemicals, life sciences, and information technology.


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