Doctoral Programs

HBS doctoral programs offers degrees in areas of study that lend themselves to the integration of environmental issues. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is granted by HBS, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is offered in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. There is flexibility in learning and independence in study, along with the opportunity to work with outstanding faculty who are leaders in their fields and to have access to the finest resources in academia.

Doctoral Seminar: The Role of the Corporation in Society

Robert Eccles and George Serafeim

Classical financial economic theory defines the role of the corporation to be shareholder value maximization. According to this view, meeting the needs of other stakeholders along social and environmental dimensions should only be done if it contributes to creating shareholder value. Making these decisions assumes that the information is available for doing the necessary analysis and that management and shareholders have the same risk profiles and time frames for value creation. However, this classic view of the corporation is coming under pressure as the government and civil society are increasingly interested in the role companies should play in contributing to environmental and social sustainability. See full course description.