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R.O.C.K. Board

The R.O.C.K. Board (Rock Opportunities Come Knocking) is our all-new job, internship, project opportunity portal. If you are looking for a cool internship this summer or you are graduating and want to work at a start-up full time, we’ve got you covered!

See below for the list of start-ups featured this week. View the detailed postings by clicking here.

Conmio - A mobile solutions partner for media, broadcasting and retail industries.

Doximity - A professional networking tool exclusively for Physicians and health care professionals.

1 Atelier - An early stage start-up that's disrupting the luxury goods industry.

The Welcoming Committee - A movement of LGBTQ folks that takes over typically straight bars, sports games, special events, and major travel destinations for one-time-only experiences.

FormaFina - A destination site for discovery of unique design and decor products for Latin America.

InsightSquared - A start-up that delivers powerfully simple business analytics for companies of any size.

ServiceRoute, Inc - A start-up that lets residential contractors acquire, trade and manage properties for maximum route density.

Two Toasters - A mobile app development firm located in Durham, NC & NYC, specializing in design, strategy, and development of iOS & Android apps.

Carewrite - A mobile solution that leverages the technology of the 21st century to bring coordinated care for loved ones.

DramaFever - The largest online video site for the distribution of international televised content.

If you missed last week’s opportunities, you can still view them here! We are still in beta so we appreciate any feedback! Please send your comments to Peggy.