The MBA Experience

Early-Stage Feedback

The Rock Center organizes an Early-Stage Feedback program for current students on an idea you are seriously considering developing, either in conjunction with the HBS New Venture Competition or as a new venture to be launched in the near-term. This program allows potential participants in the New Venture Competition to get feedback on their ideas in the fall, prior to undertaking a spring field study and developing a full-fledged business plan. This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your startup idea from investors and entrepreneurs in your space.

Applicants should send a pdf file consisting of a cover sheet and an overview of your business idea ( in memo form , not powerpoint) to the Rock Center ( and fill out this poll no later than Friday, November 1, 2013 to qualify for first round Early-Stage Feedback. You should expect to receive an email with feedback from an investor or entrepreneur in your industry by early December 2013. Please note, Early-Stage Feedback investors or entrepreneurs may choose to provide feedback anonymously.

Second round applications are due on December 11, 2013, with expected feedback by mid-January 2014.

  • Name your pdf file with your full name and the word feedback:
  • he cover sheet should include the name and email address of one primary contact.
  • For the overview of your business idea (in memo form, not powerpoint), please address the following questions:
    • What will your business do or make
    • What painpoints will your business address?
    • What is your value proposition?
    • Describe your target segment and the size of your addressable market.
    • Who are your major competitors?
    • What is your business's competitive advantage?
    • Please describe your business model.
    • Please describe current status of business and any milestones achieved (e.g., prototype completed, customers, revenue).
    • Please briefly tell us about each team member, their role, and each team member's relevant experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Rock Center (