The MBA Experience


All HBS MBAs take a first-year course, The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM). Other first-year courses feature some entrepreneurial cases and companies, viewed from that course’s point of view, and TEM brings all those together in a general management perspective. The FIELD Course also has a very significant entrepreneurship component and culminates in student teams creating a real microbusiness from the ground up.

In the second-year, there are over 30 entrepreneurial elective courses, which are grouped into three broad categories: Entrepreneurial business creation and management; Entrepreneurship: a historical perspective; and Entrepreneurship in specific contexts.

As you think about courses, it’s a good idea to speak with your TEM professor, as well as with the faculty who teach any of the courses you are thinking about taking. It is preferable to do this during the spring and summer, rather than during the hectic add/drop period in early fall.

You need to think about both the areas of strength and focus you want to deepen, as well as any gaps in your background that you want to try to shore up. Again, field studies and projects courses are a great way to work on your own idea, to look for an idea, dive into an industry, or to meet some start-ups where you may want to work.

Our Course Offerings

Links below will take you to the official course descriptions as they appear in our MBA course catalog. For most courses, we also offer a PDF version of the most recent syllabus. Note that most course materials (cases and notes) have a 6 digit number, indicating their availability via Harvard Business School Publishing. Some materials and courseware (spreadsheets) are unavailable, but listed here for the sake of completeness.

Required MBA Courses in Entrepreneurship

Elective MBA Courses in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial business creation and management

Entrepreneurship: a historical perspective

Entrepreneurship in specific contexts: