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Whether coming from the north or the south, take Highway 280

From Highway 280 Heading North:
  • Take the Sand Hill Road exit (right after the Alpine exit) and head EAST.
  • At the end of the ramp do not turn left or right, but rather go straight across Sand Hill Road.
  • Turn left onto the frontage road and follow the signs for 3000 Sand Hill Road. The road winds around a bit (equivalent of a few blocks) and then enters the 3000 Sand Hill Road complex.
  • The complex has four main buildings. As you enter you will see a flagpole and a clock tower on your left. After you pass Building One on your right, you will see Building Two behind it. You can park in the visitors' parking area in front of Building Two.
  • When you enter Building Two, go to the right and we are Suite 150.
From Highway 280 Heading South:
  • Take the Sand Hill Road exit (after the Woodside Road exit) and head EAST.
  • You will take the exit ramp up and over the freeway. Just after you have crossed over the freeway, you come to a light. Get in the left-hand lane and turn left at the light. Follow the directions above, starting at #3.
If you are in Palo Alto/Stanford:
  • Get to Sand Hill Road and head west toward the 280 freeway.
  • Just before the entrance ramp to 280 North, there is a light. Turn right at this light. (If you end up going over the freeway, you have gone too far.)
  • Follow the first set of directions above, starting at #3.
To Get to 280 from the San Francisco Airport:
  • As you are exiting the airport, stay in the right-hand lanes. Follow the signs for "380" to "280". You will be driving north on a frontage road parallel to Highway 101 North.
  • Very shortly you will be curving to the left onto 380, a connector highway between 101 and 280. Highway 380 (only a few miles long) will take you west to 280.
  • Take 280 SOUTH. Follow directions for "Highway 280 Heading South" above.

Places to stay:

Near Airport:

Hotel Sofitel
Redwood City
(650) 598-9000
(Near SFO airport and mid-peninsula; reasonable, very nice, full-service hotel)

Expensive, very nice:

Garden Court Hotel
Palo Alto
(650) 322-9000 Stanford Park Hotel
Palo Alto
(650) 322-1234

Less expensive:

Palo Alto
(650) 321-4422

Palo Alto
(650) 328-2800

Least expensive:

Best Western Riviera
Menlo Park
(650) 321-8772
(across from Stanford Park)