Building New Ventures in Established Organizations

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that change is a catalyst for innovation. This program enables executives from established firms to develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to energize new companies. You will gain fresh insights and analytical frameworks to assess market opportunities, as well as pragmatic leadership skills to launch and nurture new business ventures within a larger organization.

Families in Business:
From Generation to Generation

In today's global marketplace, family businesses are a major force and are among the most vibrant competitors in most industries. While family-owned companies often have enviable strengths - long-term relationships, a reputation for quality work, aggressive reinvestment, and high stakeholder loyalty - they also can be hindered by traditional practices, internal politics, and family conflicts. In a marketplace characterized by new players and intensified competition, leading a family business has become increasingly complex. To prevail, a family-owned company must address special challenges, such as nurturing effective family work and shareholder relationships, passing the business from one generation to the next, and maintaining ownership control. These tasks require sensitive leadership of the business and the family.

A family can contribute greatly to the success of its business - and vice versa - only if the family follows a discipline mapped out by successful family-owned companies from around the globe. This discipline is at the heart of Harvard Business School's Families in Business: From Generation to Generation program.

Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning

This a two-part seminar is designed by Harvard Business School (HBS) senior faculty members to meet the changing needs of teachers of management topics in Greater China and Singapore. The first part is 11 days in length, and is held on the HBS campus. The second part takes place in Asia over the course of 4 days and delves more deeply into PCMPCL topics. The seminar focuses on teaching, course development, and case writing - with a particular emphasis on the efforts required to introduce participant-centered learning methods into more conventionally taught curricula. In addition, the course will provide guidance on the creation, development, and tailoring of materials to reflect the specific management opportunities and challenges for the students taught at your institution.

Launching New Ventures:
Jump-Starting Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Success in today's turbulent business environment demands smart innovators who possess the unique set of skills required to identify a business opportunity and transform it into a successful company or to launch a new line of business for an existing small-to-midsize company. Launching New Ventures: Jump-starting Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners helps participants improve their analytical skills, make sound investment and management decisions, manage growth, and develop essential leadership capabilities. The curriculum examines the complex processes of exploiting disruptive opportunities to build successful new businesses. Topics include defining new business initiatives; selling the concept to investors, partners, and other parties; attracting resources; and evolving key strategies as the business grows.

Launching New Ventures:

Growth in India is creating opportunities for talented entrepreneurs who know how to build a successful business. In this program, you will learn how to identify the right opportunity, build your organization, attract resources, define and execute strategy, and navigate India's complex business environment to drive sustainable success for your company.

Leading Product Innovation

Examining the core challenges of managing product development in a competitive, unpredictable marketplace, Leading Product Innovation prepares executives to take innovation to a new level. Through cutting-edge concepts and pragmatic frameworks, the curriculum provides new insight into product development issues, such as the alignment of product innovation with corporate strategy, the impact of disruptive technologies, and the management of risk. Leading Product Innovation is directed toward senior managers who have project responsibility for products and services in diverse companies, industries, and countries.

Leadership and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Leaders of science-based organizations face the daunting challenge of turning scientific innovation into business opportunity. This program helps you develop the leadership and management skills needed to identify breakthroughs with the greatest market potential, structure an optimal research organization, find sources of capital, and develop an executive team with a deep understanding of both science and business.

Owner/President Management Program

Constant and intense focus on running a business leaves little time to learn about the latest resources, techniques, and solutions. Business owners often feel alone, not knowing where to turn for advice and answers. Often, they lack the perspective to assess their company's performance and potential - as well as their own.

The Owner/President Management (OPM) Program is a three-week-per-year program with a three-year commitment. At OPM, participants expand their knowledge in intensive classes led by Harvard Business School's entrepreneurial business faculty; gain valuable new insights from the reality-based case studies; and share and develop decision-making techniques with an influential group of peers. The concept of the program is simple, the impact far-reaching: Gather a group of dynamic business leaders...create an environment that fuels their passions...and something powerful happens.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

With more money flowing into private equity, competition for deals is accelerating, while valuation of merger and acquisition candidates is on the rise. Amid today's complex private equity environment, players across the industry - investors, entrepreneurs, and professional intermediaries alike - can benefit from the expertise that Harvard Business School (HBS) brings to the table with the Private Equity and Venture Capital program. In this intensive executive education course, you will deepen your knowledge of the inner workings of private equity investing.