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Frank Batten HBS 1952, started his career in his uncle's newspaper business. He later earned his spurs-and a Pulitzer-for championing desegregation. Frank also learned that one of the main reasons many bought the newspaper was to see what the weather was going to be. The company expanded into cable in 1964, buying the first in a series of cable operations. In 1979, Frank, a non-smoker, suffered from throat cancer and had to learn to speak again. After recovering, he began exploring opportunities to develop original programming for the now booming cable industry. Putting his experiences in newspapers and in cable together, he launched the Weather Channel in 1982. By 1996 the Weather Channel had expanded internationally, with interests in Europe and Latin America. Its companion Web site, weather.com, today averages more than 300 million page views per month. Frank described his journey as an entrepreneur in a video interview at his office in Norfolk, Virginia in February 2000.