The research and teaching resources at HBS are unmatched by any other school. Students can make use of virtually any methodology required to pursue their research interests, including field studies, large-scale statistical databases, consumer-panel research, behavioral experiments, and theoretical and empirical models. Support services include methodological and statistical consultation, data procurement and analysis, programming, research software support, subject pool administration, travel, and region-based field support.

Baker Library

The collections of Baker Library—one of the world’s largest and most respected business libraries—are available at the center of the campus. Baker Research Services are available for data gathering and in-depth research.

Harvard University Libraries

HBS Doctoral students have access to the more than 90 libraries that form the Harvard University libraries system.

Faculty Research Computing Center

The Faculty Research Computing Center provides expertise and guidance in all phases of faculty and doctoral student research projects, including planning, data collection, analysis, and reporting. A staff of statisticians, research analysts, and applications and systems programmers can assist doctoral students with their needs.

Regional Research Centers

Research centers in Europe, India, Latin America, Silicon Valley, and the Asia-Pacific region allow faculty and doctoral students to immerse themselves in the culture of these regions and to understand the intricacies and nuances that lead to truly meaningful research.