29 May 2014

Commencement 2014

It's a beautiful day in Boston and Cambridge as Harvard celebrates its' 363rd commencement.

The HBS Doctoral Programs are sending off 17 DBA and Ph.D. graduates to the next chapter of their lives. Each of them are amazing individuals - intellectual, ethical, and examples for all of us to emulate. Congratulations to each of them and their families. This year's class is made of 8 DBA, 8 Ph.D. in Business Economics, and 1 Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior graduates. Fifteen of them are going on to academic positions, including faculty appointments at Chicago Booth, INSEAD, Cornell, NYU Stern, and West Point. Of the 17 graduates, seven are female and five are international students. Here is a summary of our 17 graduates:

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Nathan Charles Craig, B.S. (Ohio State University) 2007, M.S. (Ohio State University) 2008 Dissertation: “Essays on Retail Operations Management” Awards: Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research 2014 Placement: Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, Assistant Professor

Jillian Alexandra Berry Jaeker , S.B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 2008 Dissertation: “Impact of Workload and Resource Availability on Hospital Productivity” Placement: Boston University School of Management, Assistant Professor

Clarence Lee, S.B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 2008, M.Eng. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 2008 Dissertation: “Essays on the Digital Consumer: Models of Engagement, Upgrade, and Referral Behaviors” Awards: Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research 2014, ISMS Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition Award, MSI Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition Award, AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow 2012 Placement: Cornell University, Assistant Professor

Matthew Scott Lee, B.S. (Pennsylvania State University) 2005 Dissertation: “Mission and Markets? Organizational Hybridity in Social Ventures” Awards: HBS Dean’s Award 2014, Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research 2014 Placement: INSEAD, Assistant Professor

Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, B.A Management (Tel Aviv University) 2001, L.L.B Law (Tel Aviv University) 2001, MBA (Tel Aviv University) 2007 Dissertation: “Shifting Loci of Innovation: A Study of Knowledge Boundaries, Identity and Innovation at NASA” Placement: NYU Stern School of Business, Assistant Professor

Everett Stuart Palmer Spain, B.S. (USMA) 1992, M.S. (University of Missouri - Rolla) 1997, M.B.A. (Duke University) 2002 Dissertation: “Finding and Keeping Stars: The Leadership Performance and Retention of High Potentials” Awards: HBS Dean’s Award 2014 Placement: United States Military Academy, Academy Professor

Kyle Travis Welch, B.S. (Brigham Young University) 2004, MAcc (Brigham Young University) 2004 Dissertation: “Private Equity's Diversification Illusion: Economic Comovement and Fair Value Reporting” Placement: The George Washington University, Assistant Professor

Tiona Zuzul, A.B. (Harvard University) 2005, M.Sc. (London School of Economics) 2006 Dissertation: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Nascent Industries” Placement: London Business School, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Business Economics:

Catherine Grace Barrera, B.A. (Northwestern University) 2007, M.Sc. (London School of Economics) 2008, A.M. (Harvard University) 2011 Dissertation “Skill, Job Design, and the Labor Market under Uncertainty” Placement: Cornell University Johnson School of Management, Post-Doctoral Associate (2014), Assistant Professor of Economics (2015)

Thomas Rutford Covert, S.B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 2005 Dissertation: “Essays in Industrial Organization and Finance” Placement: University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Assistant Professor

Raluca Ecaterina Dragusanu, A.B (St. Lawrence University) 2006, M.A (Harvard University) 2011 Dissertation: “Essays in International Trade and Development” Placement: Federal Reserve Board Research and Statistics, Economist

Samuel Arthur Kruger, A.B. (Harvard University) 2002, A.M. (Harvard University) 2002, M.B.A. (University of Chicago) 2007 Dissertation: “Essays in Financial Economics” Awards: 2014 Roger Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics Research Placement: The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, Assistant Professor of Finance

Heather Ward Schofield, A.B. (Harvard University) 2005, M.S. (Harvard School of Public Health) 2007 Dissertation: “Essays in Development and Health” Awards: 2014 Roger Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics Research Placement: Center for Global Development Post-Doctoral Fellow 2014-2015, University of Pennsylvania Health Policy Department, Assistant Professor, 2015

Dmitry Taubinsky, A.B. (Harvard University) 2009, A.M. (Harvard University) 2011 Dissertation: “Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics” Awards: 2014 Roger Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics Research, National Science Foundation Research Fellowship Placement: Harvard University and UC Berkeley, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics

Ian Tomb, A.B. (Harvard University) 2002 Dissertation: “Essays on the Economics of Wage Inequality”

Eric Meinberg Zwick, B.A. (Swarthmore College) 2007, M.A. (Harvard University) 2011 Dissertation: “Finance Implications of the Great Recession” Awards: 2014 Roger Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics Research Placement: University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Assistant Professor of Finance

Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior

Sujin Jang, B.B.A. (Yonsei University) 2008, A.M. (Harvard University) 2011 Dissertation: “Bringing Worlds Together: Cultural Brokerage in Multicultural Teams” Awards: 2013 INFORMS Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Award Placement: INSEAD Organisational Behaviour Department, Assistant Professor

24 Apr 2014

Patriot's Day

It was Patriot's Day in Boston yesterday which means it was also Marathon Day. While our memories have been focused this past week on the tragedies of a year ago, today the city experienced a beautiful day that represents a reminder to us all what "Boston Strong" really means.

In less than 40 days, Harvard will hold its' annual commencement on May 29th. This year, the HBS doctoral programs will graduate 20 students. The majority of these graduates will go on to academic positions to begin careers as scholars teaching the next generation of business students and scholars, and researching the important challenges facing businesses and organizations across the globe. This year, placements include Chicago/Booth, Penn, NYU, INSEAD, University of Texas/Austin, Cornell, London Business School, U.S. Military Academy, and George Washington. We are very proud of each of the graduating students and look forward to seeing how they make a difference in the world through their scholarship. At the HBS diploma ceremony, for the first time, we will include a formal hooding ceremony for the doctoral graduates. This age-old academic tradition symbolizes the passage from student to master for each of these students and is a well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

As one group leaves us, another group joins us - such is the cycle of academia. This summer, 25 new students will join our doctoral programs - 14 males (6 DBA students and 8 PhD students) and 11 females (5 DBA students and 6 PhD students). By program, the breakdown looks like this: 11 DBA students, 10 PhD in Business Economics, 3 PhD in Organizational Behavior, and one PhD in Health Policy Management. This group is highly talented and brings a great set of backgrounds to their areas of study. We look forward to seeing each of these students develop and grow to be world-class scholars.

That's it for now. I'm planning on writing again as we get closer to Commencement Day.

19 Feb 2014

Winter Update

It's been a while since I last posted a blog. My team reminded me that I need to be more consistent in posting, so I'm going to try. This post will, hopefully, be the first of six in 2014.

One of the reasons I haven't posted in a while is that we're very busy in the Doctoral Programs Office - in the past two months we've hosted the second iteration of the BEST course offerings, processed close to 800 admissions applications, started the Spring term, and began our financial planning for the coming academic year. This is probably the busiest part of our annual cycle and I think I speak for everyone in the office that Spring can't come too soon!

In Dean Nitin Nohria's annual update on HBS, he highlighted some of the innovations taking place in the HBS Doctoral Programs:

"In the Doctoral Programs, building on the findings of an intensive self-study in 2011-12, we have instituted a handful of new requirements. To build a stronger sense of community and cohort, we now have a single start date in the summer and a shared orientation experience....In January 2013, we launched Business Education for Scholars and Teachers (BEST)...a fully integrated course for our PhD and DBA students that helps them understand the language of business and provides them a general management perspective."

As I mentioned, we followed the successful launch of BEST in 2013 with the second course in the three-course BEST series last month. 52 first- and second-year students attended the BEST Markets course, covering Strategy, Capital Markets, and Business, Government and International Economies. The BEST course series has been very successful in exposing our students to the language and functions of business while providing them with a unique perspective to conduct research with impact on practice.

On the Admissions front, we are within weeks of having a final list of admitted students for all eight of our doctoral programs. The application pool was impressive, as always, and that made the selection process extremely challenging. We ended up interviewing over 70 candidates and they were all impressive in their own right. Stay tuned for more information in future postings.

That's it for now. As I said, I'll have six postings this year. The next one will be out in mid-March.

Best, John

31 Oct 2013

Fall in New England

Fall in New England...the weather is great, the leaves are turning every forest into a painting, the Red Sox have won the World Series, and the holidays are right around the corner. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am. With that said, of course, it also means that the last day of fall classes is less than six weeks away.

For those of you applying to one of our programs, the application deadline is only 32 days away. So far, we are seeing a healthy number of applications and we're looking forward to reading them beginning December 2nd. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us via email. Remember that your Statement of Purpose is your opportunity to tell the admissions board why you want to get a doctoral degree. Tell us what drives you toward a career as a Scholar.

If you live in either the Atlanta, GA or Chicago, IL area, HBS representatives will be traveling to those cities for admissions recruiting. We'll be present at the DocNet event being held at Emory University in Atlanta on November 19th, at another DocNet event at U. of Illinois - Chicago on November 20th, and the Ph.D. Project annual conference being held in Chicago on November 21st.

For a number of our students, it also means that the job market is heating up. Of the 40 or so students in their fifth year or beyond, roughly 65% have indicated that they will be graduating in the current academic year. That is really great and all of those students are commended for reaching this major milestone in their academic career. For the latest list of HBS doctoral students on the job market, please click here.

As we look to the remainder of the year, we continue to roll out changes to our doctoral programs. This January, for example, we will be holding our second course in the Business Education for Scholars and Teachers (BEST) series. BEST Markets will focus on how organizations operate in the marketplace through effective strategy development, the capital markets, and in international settings. This course will be taught by an outstanding teaching group consisting of several HBS faculty.

That's it for now; check in around early December for my next update.

All the best, JFK