Today, academics in business administration find themselves recognized as experts on a wide range of issues. With the expanding role of business in global society and the increasing sophistication of the practice of management, the demand for faculty researchers and educators at business schools has never been greater.

“HBS is supremely adept in helping students reach their full potential. Its Doctoral Programs are most suited to students who are ambitious and meticulous scholars.”

— Richard Lai, DBA 2008, TOM

Research & Relevance

Because most research is grounded in the reality of business, many scholars today see their theories enacted in actual practice across the business spectrum. Business professors work with the top people in a wide variety of fields and can be found advising leaders of industry, collaborating with colleagues on cutting-edge research, and guiding students—as well as executives returning to the classroom—in search of new ideas and practices.

Impact & Influence

Your role as a scholar can prove vitally important in devising policy and practice at the corporate level, but your work can take on an even broader purpose. Business academics play integral roles in the growth of nonprofits, entrepreneurial ventures, and—with the advent of new technologies—changing the way people think about and do business in the real world.

Recognition & Reward

Your research may evolve into published works that are hailed by both academia and popular culture, and many professors assume leadership roles as consultants to and board members of international corporations. Academics also work on issues that affect emerging global markets and national economies.