Students in the OB program specialize in micro-organizational behavior or sociology. Students receive core disciplinary training in either psychology or sociology, and gain knowledge of existing research and theory about organizations through advanced coursework in organizational behavior.

Students also complete the Business Education for Scholars and Teachers (BEST) Series.

Teaching & Apprenticeship Requirements

Student are required to complete a teaching assignment for one full academic term. Students also work as an apprentice to a faculty member to gain skill and experience in research.


Students undergo a dossier review, which consists of their qualifying paper, at least two other research papers, and a brief statement indicating their plans for future research and dissertation work.

Students complete the Organizational Behavior Exam. This examination completes the student's preparation for work on the doctoral dissertation. It provides an excellent occasion for the student to draw on all of his or her academic preparation and training to demonstrate readiness for first-rate conceptual and empirical work on organizational phenomena. Sociology track students also complete a written examination in Sociology.


Prospectus: Students must prepare a dissertation prospectus which will be reviewed by the prospectus committee typically consisting of three or four faculty members. There must be at least one member from the HBS faculty and one from the Psychology or Sociology faculty (depending on the student's track).

The dissertation is the culminating event in the Program, in which the student develops a substantial original contribution to knowledge in the field of Organizational Behavior. Dissertations may take the form of an extended study of one topic, or a set of three or more related research papers.

See Program Requirements for detailed curriculum information.