Our programs are full-time degree programs which officially begin in September. Students are expected to complete their program in five years. Students typically spend their first two years on course work, at the end of which they take a field exam, and then another two years on dissertation research and writing. 


Each of the five DBA programs require a minimum of 13 semester long doctoral courses. Students in the Accounting and Management program complete courses in the areas of business management theory, economic theory, quantitative research methods, academic field seminars, and the Business Education for Scholars and Teachers (BEST) Series. In addition to HBS courses, students may take courses at other Harvard Schools and MIT.


Student are required to complete a teaching assignment for one full academic term.

Accounting & Management Field Exam

Students are required to pass a Field Exam in accounting and management at the end of their second or the beginning of their third year. The exam has two parts:  a written exam and an oral examination based on the student’s written exam. Though students may choose to emphasize either financial or managerial accounting, the exam typically covers both subfields. 

Research & Dissertation

Students in accounting and management begin research in their first year typically by working with a faculty member. By their third and fourth years, most students are launched on a solid research and publication stream. In accounting and management, the dissertation may take the form of three publishable papers or one longer dissertation. 

See Program Requirements for detailed curriculum information.