Field Course: Social Innovation Lab - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Social Innovation Lab

Course Number 6582

Professor V. Kasturi "Kash" Rangan
Senior Lecturer John J-H Kim
Spring; Q3Q4; 3 credits

See video overview with Senior Lecturer John J-H Kim and Professor V. Kasturi "Kash" Rangan

This course provides students an opportunity to address a social enterprise topic with the discipline of business tools and techniques. Most students will work in teams, choosing among three types of projects: a) developing a business plan for your own social enterprise; b) solving a strategic problem for a client organization; c) analyzing and developing policy or strategy guidelines for an industry or a group of organizations/companies.

The course emphasizes learning by doing, supported by intensive faculty coaching and field work. A small number of formal class sessions will provide structure to the course, but with a focus on collaborative problem solving. Each student team will work primarily with one faculty member.

Some team projects may involve travel and limited travel funding support is available through an application process.

Examples of past projects include: advising on impact measurement for a global impact investor and a philanthropic foundation, identifying a sustainable revenue strategy for an educational organization, developing a national scaling strategy for an urban youth services organization, and exploring multiple business models for a startup social enterprise in healthcare.

This is a 3.0 credit full course.