Field Course: Planning Your Business in China - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Planning Your Business in China

Course Number 6575

Professor William C. Kirby
Spring; Q4; 1.5 credits
Limited sessions
Group Projects: Business Plan/ Case Study

Prerequisite: Doing Business in China 2020 (1575)

Course Overview

This Field Course follows on the EC course, "Doing Business in China 2020" (DBIC). It assists students who wish to pursue business opportunities in Greater China (the People's Republic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). It presumes basic knowledge of the Chinese business, economic, and political scene, as taught in DBIC. Thus, DBIC or its equivalent is a prerequisite. This course is designed for groups of students who wish to pursue an advanced project, under faculty guidance, setting forth a business plan for an enterprise in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. The project may be for a Chinese (or Hong Kong or Taiwan) company; a wholly-owned foreign enterprise, a joint venture partnership, or a foreign-based enterprise anticipating doing business in or with China.

Career Focus

Entrepreneurship, internationally (with focus on opportunities in Greater China).

Educational Objectives

To integrate area-specific knowledge and risk factors (business, cultural, and political environments) with fundamental business planning.

Course Content and Organization

Faculty-guided independent research in groups; group presentations and critiques.