Field Course: Innovating in Health Care - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Innovating in Health Care

Course Number 6340

Professor Regina Herzlinger
Spring; Q3Q4; 3 credits
Enrollment: limited to 25 students


One member of the team, at a minimum, must be enrolled in the Spring Term 2108 - Innovating in Health Care.

Career Focus

Students interested in careers in financing, leading ,or creating innovative health care services, health insurance, health IT, or medical technology.

Educational Objectives

Additional field based experience in innovating new health care ventures on topics chosen by the students or from those made available by the faculty.

Course Content and Organization

Students will meet as a whole on selected dates:

1st Session - Professor Herzlinger discusses research strategies and the course overview

2nd Session - students present their research ideas and plans to their classmates

Last two sessions - students present their results to their classmates. Students are required to email their presentations to Professor Herzlinger and their fellow classmates four business days before their presentation.

In addition, student teams meet with Prof. Herzlinger at a time which will be determined on the first or second session of the course. These meetings will occur on a biweekly basis.

Students must complete a business plan.