Field Course: Managing Medicine - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Managing Medicine

Course Number 6219

Professor of Management Practice Richard M. J. Bohmer
Winter, Q3Q4, 3 credits
14 sessions plus field component

A 1.5-credit version of this course is offered as Managing Medicine (course number 2195 in Q3.)

The U.S. healthcare market is currently undergoing widespread change. New technologies and healthcare delivery models, coupled with increasing consumer empowerment will ultimately revolutionize healthcare delivery. However, for entrepreneurs and healthcare managers alike, this is a particularly challenging market because of its complexity, fragmented structure and large number of constituencies. In order for managers to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, or successfully launch new services or products, they must understand the design and management of healthcare operations. Many healthcare innovations ultimately fail because they neither integrate with existing clinical processes, nor successfully create new ones. The course will examine the unique characteristics of the care delivery process in order to help students identify opportunities for innovation and develop the management skills needed to design and implement operational and technologic change in healthcare.

Students enrolled in the 3-credit version of this course will attend the same fourteen sessions as those enrolled in the 1.5-credit version of the course; for more information, please see the course description for Managing Medicine (course number 2195.) They will additionally complete a field-based project in Q4.