Field Course: Health Care Computer - Assisted Innovations - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Health Care Computer - Assisted Innovations

Course Number 6180

Professor Regina Herzlinger
Professor Margo Seltzer (SEAS - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)
Fall; Q2; 3 credits
11:35am-1pm - (first two sessions will be used for faculty lectures, and the last two sessions for student presentations; otherwise, students will meet weekly with Professors Herzlinger and Seltzer.)
Jointly-listed at SEAS
Enrollment: limited to 25 students


One member of the team, at a minimum, must complete Early Fall Term 2108 - Innovating in Health Care.

Career Focus

Students interested in careers in health IT, informatics, social media, telemedicine, or computer-based medical technology.

Educational Objectives

Additional field based experience in innovating new health care computer-assisted ventures on topics chosen by the students or from those made available by the faculty.

Course Content and Organization

Professors Herzlinger and Seltzer will jointly supervise student independent projects in the following areas:

  • Medical devices
  • Medical informatics
  • Health IT
  • Telemedicine
  • Social media

Students may also choose from the faculties' independent project opportunities or those of their own creation.

Students will be required to prepare a business plan for their project and/or a working prototype of a device or IT application. They must email their presentations to Professors Herzlinger and Seltzer and their fellow classmates four business days before their presentation.

Students are encouraged to work in teams and attendance is required for all class sessions.

For the first two of the course sessions, Prof. Herzlinger will lecture on the creation of a business plan and evaluations of new technologies and Prof. Seltzer will lecture on a variety of technologies and approaches to technological innovation. Students will present their new venture ideas for feedback .The last two sessions will be devoted to student presentation of their work. The remaining sessions will be devoted to individual weekly meetings between the faculty and student groups.

Students must submit their resumes and a description of their interests in this field prior to admission. Admission is limited and must be approved by the faculty.

Affiliated courses:

Innovating in Health Care, Prof. Herzlinger - Open only to graduate students.