Field Course: Studies in Supply Chain Management - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Field Course: Studies in Supply Chain Management

Course Number 6125

Assistant Professor Deishin Lee
Winter, Q4, 1.5 credits
5-10 Sessions

Educational Objectives

This field study seminar is intended to complement the half semester course, Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains (CMSC). Although CMSC is not a pre-requisite for this field course, it is helpful for students to have an understanding of supply chain issues before taking this course.

The field course has two learning objectives:

  1. To allow students to explore a topic related to the themes in the course that is of interest to them. Students can work individually or in groups of 2.
  2. Introduce students to quantitative methodologies that can be used for analysis in their papers.

Course Content and Organization

The focus of the course will be on supply chain sourcing issues under uncertainty, in particular component cost and supply availability uncertainty. There are short-term supply uncertainty issues and long-term issues on securing raw material. Students will be expected to write a paper in the broad domain of these topics. For example, students can focus on a particular firm's sourcing strategy and how various mechanisms (e.g., contracts or partnerships) can ensure stable, cost-effective supply. Or, students can choose an industry and study the long-term supply issues of a basic raw material (e.g., water supply in the beverage industry).

The course will have a limited number of class sessions (5-10). These sessions will be run in seminar-style and used to present methodologies, discuss papers, or give informal feedback.