i-Lab Course: Design Thinking - Harvard Business School MBA Program

i-Lab Course: Design Thinking

Course Number 6085

Professor Srikant Datar
January Term travel in the US or abroad
Two Winter term late-afternoon meetings at the i-Lab
Program Fee & Travel Costs (see details on financial aid eligibility)
1.5 credits applied toward Winter term requirements
Enrollment: Limited to students enrolled in the Design Thinking and Innovation course (1344) in the Fall term.

Career Focus

This course is relevant to students interested in entrepreneurship but also to students seeking jobs in companies or firms.

Educational Objectives

This field-based project course will provide an opportunity for students to use ideas and techniques from the Design Thinking and Innovation course to develop an entrepreneurial venture that the student may wish to pursue. I will also arrange projects with companies for students who have not identified a project of their own and are interested in working on a project to develop their Design Thinking skills.

Course Content and Organization

The aim of the project is to deepen students' design thinking and innovation skills including problem framing and problem finding, spotting anomalies and incongruities, observing prospective customers in various settings to identify customer needs and pain points and an actionable point of view, applying various techniques of idea generation, prototyping, experimenting, and iterating toward a preferred outcome.

The projects will be supervised by Professor Srikant Datar. The course grade will be based on the project report.

Course Credit and Fees

Students who successfully complete this iLab Design Thinking Project course will earn 1.5 course credits in the Fall/Winter term. Students working on their own projects are responsible for planning and paying for their air travel to/from the location and for the costs of their stay. Some funding will be available for company-sponsored projects. Students who have applied for financial aid may submit for additional financial support for the project. Please see the Financial Aid website for more information on financial support.