IXP Course: Peru; Inclusive growth - Harvard Business School MBA Program

IXP Course: Peru; Inclusive growth

Course Number 6003

Associate Professor Diego A. Comin

During the Fall:

  • Several on-campus meetings (on 2-3 Wednesdays, 5pm-6:20pm)
  • Planning of group projects
  • Several group meetings with Professor to discuss the research strategy for the projects

Winter Term: one final on-campus meeting
January term travel, exact dates TBD
Program fee & travel costs (see details on financial aid eligibility)
3.0 credits applied toward Winter term requirements
Enrollment: Limited to 25 students

Career Focus

Managers and investors with an international focus, especially those that are interested in emerging markets.

Educational Objectives

Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. The fast growth pace offers new opportunities but also creates new challenges. In particular, is the growth inclusive? Are companies and society striking the right balance between growth and the environment? How are the informal and formal sectors being affected/contributing to the new economic environment? Is productivity increasing? Why? Is the growth bringing a transformation of the productive model that enables Peruvian company to move up in the value chain?

The Peru IXP shall attain the following educational objectives:

  • Provide in-depth perspective on how to conduct business in emerging economies
  • Study in the field the drivers of growth and competitiveness of a developing economy
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of the informal economy
  • Find ways to strike a balance between development and preservation of the environment
  • Study mechanisms to transfer knowledge from universities and industry leaders to followers
  • Find ways to make growth inclusive

The sectors/activities studied will include entrepreneurship, textiles, mining, agriculture and eco-tourism among others.

Course Content and Organization

The course will have two distinct parts. During the planning portion that takes place in the Fall, students will get acquainted with the country, the issues and will plan the execution of their projects. During this period there will be several regular meetings as well as one-on-one meetings between the faculty and each of the teams.

The second part of the IXP will take place in the field. This will give students the opportunity to execute their projects as well as to participate in activities that will allow them to obtain a holistic understanding of the issues studied.


Enrollment in Drivers of Competitiveness, Course Number 1175 (Q2)

Course Credit and Fees

Students who successfully complete this IXP will earn 3.0 course credits, which will be posted in the Winter term.

HBS will provide in-country logistics for IXPs (including accommodations, select meals, and local travel) but students will need to contribute a fee of $2,900 towards defraying a part of these costs. In addition, students are responsible for their international round-trip air travel to Peru. Students who have an existing financial aid application on file may submit for additional financial support to participate in this IXP. Please see the Financial Aid website for more information on financial support for IXP courses.

Please see the IXP website for information regarding student accommodations on IXP courses.