Deals - Harvard Business School MBA Program


Course Number 2267

Senior Lecturer Kevin P. Mohan
Spring; Q3Q4; 3 credits
28 Sessions

Enrollment: Capped at 80 students

This advanced negotiation course includes cases, negotiation simulations, and analysis of actual corporate deals. In the first part of the course, students will participate in complex negotiation simulations and debrief their results in class. In the second part of the course, student teams will research and analyze real world corporate and other transactions in order to present their most important aspects and lessons to the class. For some of these presentations, the lawyers, bankers, and/or principals who participated in the transaction under discussion may assist in the team's assessment.

Topics developed throughout the course include: how negotiators create and claim value through the setup, design, and tactical implementation of agreements; complexities that can arise through agency, asymmetric information, moral hazard, and adverse selection; structural, psychological, and interpersonal barriers that can hinder agreement; and the particular challenges inherent in the roles of advisors as negotiators.

The basic Negotiations class is not a suggested prerequisite. The simulations in Deals will generally be more complicated than most of the simulations in Negotiations. Evaluation will be on the basis of class participation and a team project based on analyzing and presenting a deal. The professor will line up a number of presentation topics and potential guests, and students can generate additional presentation topics. Students can alternatively choose to write a paper or complete a solo project instead of completing the team project.

Several of the class sessions will be taught jointly with the Deals course offered at Harvard Law School.